@ 6 days until Hiroshima Summit: 206 monuments

by Yuichi Ito, Staff Writer

Walking in and around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the city’s Naka Ward, people will find a variety of monuments. These monuments were built by bereaved families of A-bomb victims or those related to them to console the souls of A-bomb victims, such as local residents, colleagues at work, or students and teaching staff. The website of the Hiroshima City government introduces a total of 206 memorials and monuments in Hiroshima City.

Many monuments stand in the areas where A-bomb victims are thought to have experienced the atomic bombing or at the locations associated with them. However, there has arisen a possibility that the city government will require relocation of about 30 monuments, due to the need to reinforce the levees of the rivers in the central part of the city.

Among them is a memorial of the Hiroshima Gas Company (now Hiroshima Gas Co., Ltd.) located to the east of the park. The old headquarters of the company stood at the site and 69 employees, including 35 people inside the building, died in the atomic bombing. There is something people can feel only on the spot.

(Originally published on May 13, 2023)