Junior high school students in Hiroshima create a collage for peace

by Junpei Fujimura, Staff Writer

Third-year students of Ozu Junior High School in Hiroshima have created a huge collage made of pieces of colored paper, a replica of Taro Okamoto's A-bomb mural “Myth of Tomorrow,” for their graduation project. The project is the culmination of three years of peace-related studies which focused on ways to promote peace. The completed collage, made by 143 students, was unveiled during a special assembly held on March 11, 2008, in which the students shared the outcomes of their junior high school education with their parents.

The collage, hanging in the school's gymnasium, measures 2.7 meters high and 15 meters long, half the size of the original mural. It was assembled from 56 large pieces of paper onto which the students pasted smaller scraps of paper of 16 different colors.

In their classes, the students tried to express their feelings about the importance of peace through such activities as reciting poetry and singing in chorus. As the culmination of these efforts, the idea of creating a huge collage eventually emerged. A majority of students expressed support for basing their design on “Myth of Tomorrow” and four months were then spent piecing it together.

Kazuki Teranishi, 15, a member of the committee that helped organize the special assembly, was involved in the collage project from its inception. “The completed collage is more powerful than I originally expected,” he said with satisfaction. “I learned that when people work together, they can produce a greater power.”

The collage was also on display during the students' graduation ceremony on March 12, 2008.