Inspiring a message of peace at the G8 Summit in Hiroshima

by Kazuhisa Yamanaka, Staff Writer

On February 5, Yohei Kono, Speaker of the House of Representatives, met with Hans-Gert Pottering, President of the European Parliament of the European Union, at the Diet. Mr. Kono expressed his hope that the G8 Summit of Lower House Speakers, to be held in Hiroshima this September, will transmit a message of peace and disarmament to the world and Mr. Pottering voiced his support for this aim.

Regarding the state of nuclear weapons, Mr. Kono commented, “The emphasis is presently on nuclear non-proliferation. However, persuading such nuclear superpowers as the United States and Russia to reduce their nuclear arsenals is also imperative.” Mr. Pottering added, “I expect the summit meeting in Hiroshima will stir a spirit of non-proliferation and disarmament.”

They also discussed the issue of global warming and Mr. Kono expressed his intention to include environmental issues in the agenda. After his meeting with Mr. Kono, Mr. Pottering also spoke with Satsuki Eda, President of the House of Councillors.