75 people attend lecture series on Hiroshima at Peace Memorial Museum

by Ai Shintaku, Staff Writer

The Hiroshima Peace Forum, a lecture series designed to educate citizens interested in engaging in peace-related activities, began another cycle of sessions on May 17 at Peace Memorial Museum in downtown Hiroshima. The forum, organized by the city of Hiroshima and local organizations, is marking its 7th year and 75 people between the ages of 18 and 78 attended the first lecture. In all, a total of six lectures will be given by experts by the end of July.

The first presentation was made by Kazumi Mizumoto, Associate Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University. Professor Mizumoto lectured on the significance of learning about Hiroshima’s past and its present mission. He urged the audience to “acquire knowledge on nuclear weapons and disseminate this information to others.”

The participants split up into nine groups and shared their reasons for attending the forum as well as what they hoped to gain from the experience. Tomoka Banno, 18, a freshman at Hiroshima City University, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, remarking, “I would like to utilize the knowledge and know-how from these lectures for my future peace-related activities overseas.”