High school students learn how to convey Hiroshima’s experience in English

by Miho Kuwajima, Staff Writer

Forty freshmen in the International Communication Course at Funairi High School attended the seminar “Conveying the A-bomb Experience of Hiroshima in English” at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The students hope, by next summer, to be able to explain the consequences of the atomic bombing in English to high school students from overseas.

The seminar instructor was Natsuki Okita, 31, who works as a translator and interpreter at the museum. Ms. Okita explained, in English, the nature of the city before the war--a city of education and military function--as well as the devastation of the bombing and the effects of radiation on the human body. The students also split up into groups and practiced making presentations in English.

Yuki Yamawaki, 15, said, “I have friends in India and Russia, which are nuclear powers. After reviewing the words and expressions that I learned today, I would like to talk to my friends about how important it is to abolish nuclear weapons.”

(Originally published on June 14, 2008)

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