Tokyo photographer releases photo collection of A-bombed trees

by Masakazu Domen, Staff Writer

Sanae Kimura, 33, a Tokyo photographer, has released a book of photos of Hiroshima’s A-bombed trees entitled “The Silent Storytellers of Hiroshima.” Ms. Kimura said she experienced a heartfelt connection with the injured trees when she took their photographs and she hopes to convey their silent message.

The book contains black-and-white photos of 30 trees, all of which have scars from the heat rays and the blast of the bombing, including a hackberry tree on the grounds of Noboricho Junior High School. Another photo shows a dead tree and its offspring side by side. The book also includes a map of the trees’ locations and can be used as a helpful guidebook in visiting the A-bombed trees.

Ms. Kimura studied European history as a university student. While studying in Paris, she decided to become a photographer. She is keenly conscious of the importance of facing history squarely and so chose Hiroshima as the theme of her photo collection.

She lived in Hiroshima for one year from the fall of 2005, during which she took these photographs and held an exhibition of her work in the city. Her book is published by Bungeisha Co., Ltd and costs ¥1,680.

(Originally published on June 28, 2008)

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