Symphony composed by a second-generation A-bomb survivor to be performed for G8 Speakers

by Junichiro Kanai, Staff Writer

On June 27, the city of Hiroshima announced the program for a concert to commemorate the G8 Summit of Lower House Speakers which will be held in Hiroshima on September 2. The concert will be performed at the Hiroshima Kosei Nenkin Kaikan on September 1, the day before the conference, and will feature a composition by a second-generation A-bomb survivor.

Sponsored by the city of Hiroshima and the Lower House of the Japanese Diet, the event is aimed at making the most of the summit’s setting by conveying the A-bombed city’s message to the world. The concert by the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra will consist of three parts and the last part will feature the piece “First Symphony” by composer Mamoru Samuragochi. Mr. Samuragochi, 44, a resident of Yokohama, is originally from Hiroshima and is a second-generation A-bomb survivor.

Mr. Samuragochi is completely deaf and has written music for popular game software. His composition was completed in 2003 and will receive its premiere at this concert. He said that he empathizes with the pain of A-bomb survivors and, through his music, he expresses his wish for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The first part of the concert will include a tenor solo of Italian arias. In the second part, when the Speakers of the summit nations will be present, the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra will play a violin concerto by Mozart.

The concert will start at 6:30 p.m. and the seating capacity is 2,000. Preschool children, though, cannot be admitted. Tickets, available from the beginning of July, cost ¥2,500. For more information, call the Executive Committee Office at 082-504-2480 (weekdays only).

(Originally published on June 28, 2008)

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