Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Speaker of the House, shares thoughts on upcoming G8 Summit in Hiroshima

by Toshiko Bajo, Staff Writer

Prior to the G8 Summit of Lower House Speakers, to be held in Hiroshima in September, Nancy Pelosi, 68, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, shared her thoughts with Peace Seeds, a children’s newspaper issued twice a month in the Chugoku Shimbun. Peace Seeds has been produced by junior writers, Japanese teens living in Hiroshima, since January 2007. Speaker Pelosi stressed the significance of the setting for the meeting on “Peace and Disarmament” in Hiroshima, which suffered the world’s first atomic bombing. She wrote, “It is my hope that the children of Japan realize how crucial this issue is to their future.”

This will be Speaker Pelosi’s first visit to Hiroshima. She explained, “I hope to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum to learn more about how a city that was the site of such immense devastation has been rebuilt and thrived.” And referring to the decision in which Hiroshima was selected as the venue for the Summit, she said, “The backdrop of Hiroshima will provide a stark and constant reminder of the destruction and loss of life that nuclear weapons have caused.” Speaker Pelosi also expressed her willingness to discuss nuclear non-proliferation and the containment of loose nuclear material as part of the agenda at the meeting.

Speaker Pelosi expressed her high hopes for the younger generation by adding, “Young people at home and abroad are unwilling to accept the world as it is now. It is their impatience of youth that will bring about real change. That is why I have such faith in the future.”

Peace Seeds received Speaker Pelosi’s thoughts via email on July 29. The junior writers, who wrote about the upcoming Summit for their 30th edition, issued in late May, had sent a set of questions to all the Lower House Speakers who are scheduled to take part in the G8 Summit slated for Hiroshima in September.

(Originally published on July 31, 2008)

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