World Conference Against A & H Bombs opens in Nagasaki

by Masakazu Domen, Staff Writer

The World Conference Against A & H Bombs opened on August 7 in Nagasaki, 63 years after the atomic bombings. The conference is being held as a joint effort between the Japan Congress Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, and the National Council for Peace and Against Nuclear Weapons. Approximately 4,200 participants assembled at the Nagasaki Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagasaki and vowed to rouse international public opinion for nuclear weapons abolition.

In his appeal, Nobuaki Koga, Director General of the Japan Trade Union Confederation, stated, “We should commit ourselves to making the 2010 NPT Review Conference a success and realizing nuclear weapons abolition by 2020.” Yasuko Eriguchi, 18, remarked with determination, “I am committed to continuing peace activities with the idea that ‘Our strength may be modest, but we’re not powerless.’” She has been appointed as a “High School Peace Ambassador” who will submit collected signatures for nuclear weapons abolition to the UN European Headquarters in Switzerland.

The conference will hold various sub-committee meetings, including a meeting concerned with opposition to nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, the Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs will kick off its World Conference Against A & H Bombs in Nagasaki on August 8.

(Originally published on August 8, 2008)

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