A-bomb exhibition opens in Iraq on October 9

by Uzaemonnaotsuka Tokai, Staff Writer

A touring exhibition on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima will open in Iraq on October 9 and travel to ten different locations in the country. Subhi Albadry, Central Council member of the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), which promotes peace and democracy in Iraq, held a press conference in Hiroshima on October 6 to announce the news.

Mr. Albadry stressed that even now, five and a half years after the start of the Iraq war, people are dying daily and the economy is still in a dire state. In regard to the touring exhibition organized by IFC, with 65 photo panels, he commented, “We would like to convey the tragedy of Hiroshima to the Iraqi people through photographs so the citizens of both places can work together to create a world free of war.”

Mr. Albadry came to Japan on September 26 to report on current conditions in Iraq, including the damage done by air raids and the deteriorating security climate. He visited Hiroshima at the invitation of a citizens group, which distributes, over the internet, programs provided by a satellite TV station that IFC set up. At a meeting with citizens, Mr. Albadry spoke about the plight of his country where terrorist attacks and human trafficking have become widespread.

(Originally published on October 7, 2008)

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