Design is chosen for pedestrian bridges by Peace Bridge

by Uzaemonnaotsuka Tokai, Staff Writer

A design for two new pedestrian bridges alongside Peace Bridge, the bridge that leads into Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, was chosen by the project’s selection committee on March 4. The City of Hiroshima will make an official decision by the end of March and aim to complete, in the first stage of construction, the northern bridge by early 2015. The pedestrian bridges will arch gently and small hills will be created on both sides of the river.

The selected design was submitted by the Hiroshima branch of the Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd., located in downtown Hiroshima. The pedestrian bridge on the north side will be 85 meters long and 7.3 meters wide. On both sides of the river, small hilly areas will serve as spaces for prayer. The bridge will have a lane for bicycles, made of concrete, and a wooden walkway for pedestrians. The estimated cost for the first bridge is about 540 million yen.

Peace Bridge is well-known in the world because the designer for its railings was the late Isamu Noguchi. As a result, a total of 29 companies, including seven foreign firms from six other countries, submitted their proposals for the design competition. On March 4, after presentations were made by the six finalists, the selection committee, composed of experts, made the decision.

The construction of new pedestrian bridges is intended to ease congestion on the sidewalks of Peace Bridge. The longer-range plan involves building the second pedestrian bridge on the south side and possibly increasing the number of lanes on Peace Bridge, in each direction, from two to three.

(Originally published on March 6, 2009)

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