Hiroshima disseminates Peace Declarations and tourist information on YouTube

by Kyosuke Mizukawa, Staff Writer

On March 9, the City of Hiroshima began posting information on YouTube, a free internet video sharing site accessed monthly by about 10 million people from some 20 countries. Peace Declarations, points of interest in the city, and other short videos have been posted. According to a city official, this is the first time in the Chugoku Region of western Japan that a local government has uploaded videos to the YouTube site.

To date, the city has posted 24 videos of one to five minutes in length. These include Peace Declarations delivered by Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba, points of interest such as the A-bomb Dome and Shukkeien Garden, and some unusual scenes at Asa Zoo in which an Asian black bear swings a baseball bat and an African elephant kicks a soccer ball.

The city plans to increase the number of videos on the site in the future. An official at the Public Relations Division remarked, “The number of YouTube viewers is increasing around the world. We hope that people who see our videos on YouTube will also visit the city’s official site.”

(Originally published on March 10, 2009)