Hiroshima Governor sends letter of request to Russia, calling for cancellation of nuclear test

In response to news reporting the high possibility of Russia’s ongoing preparations for a new nuclear test, Hiroshima Prefectural Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki sent a letter of request to Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 11, calling for the cancellation of the nuclear test.

In the letter, Mr. Yuzaki mentioned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stated, “I am deeply concerned by moves in several countries, which have been prompted by your country’s series of nuclear threats, to strengthen reliance on nuclear deterrence.” Mr. Yuzaki also expressed his concerns with such words as “should your country conduct a nuclear test ... it would be extremely regrettable, as it could provide other nuclear-armed nations with an excuse to embark on new nuclear weapons development programs and significantly set back the cumulative efforts toward nuclear disarmament that the international community has made over many years.” He sent the written request by mail and email to the Russian embassy in Japan dated April 11.

An expert has pointed out the possibility that Russia is preparing for a new nuclear test at a nuclear test site on the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic zone.

(Originally published on April 12, 2024)