Peace education website being developed for students visiting Hiroshima

by Miho Kuwajima, Staff Writer

The Learning for the Future Network, a Hiroshima-based NPO whose focus is on education for sustainable development, is preparing a website to support the peace education of junior high and high school students. The site will serve as a guide to Hiroshima with video showing people visiting the memorial monuments in Peace Memorial Park. The organization hopes that the site will help students acquire some prior knowledge of Hiroshima before they visit the city on school trips.

The NPO has filmed local junior high school students walking through the park guided by atomic bomb survivors and volunteer guides. Maps of the park and its environs and explanations about the A-bomb Dome and other memorial monuments will be another feature of the site. The information will be arranged so it can also be printed out as a guidebook. Pages for students to write on will be included so they can record what they study before the trip as well as how they feel when actually visiting Hiroshima.

The group’s members, mostly in their 30s, have been defining the contents of the website since last fall. The leader of the project, Hiroki Kono, 34, hopes that the website will help students learn about Hiroshima in greater depth and inspire them to become active peace builders.

The website will be launched in March 2010. The production costs of some 11 million yen will be covered by a grant from the Children’s Dream Fund of the National Institute for Youth Education.

(Originally published on June 13, 2009)