Japan, China both resolutely against nuclear N. Korea: envoy

Japan and China agreed Wednesday that they are both resolutely opposed to a nuclear North Korea, and that they will continue trying to seek a solution to the nuclear issue within the six-party talks framework, a senior Japanese diplomat said.

Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka also told reporters after his talks with Chinese counterpart Wang Guangya they reaffirmed their commitment to implement a U.N. Security Council resolution that tightens sanctions against North Korea for its latest nuclear test.

''Basically, there was a complete agreement that we could definitely not allow possession of nuclear arms by North Korea,'' Yabunaka said.

''Both sides will adhere to the U.N. Security Council resolution and will pursue denuclearization in a persistent manner,'' he said.

China is North Korea's traditional ally.

While China's support of sanctions against North Korea signaled it was taking a tougher position, some observers wonder how far Beijing would go when implementing the more radical or intrusive steps against the country.

Yabunaka said he and Wang agreed to seek a solution to the nuclear problem through the six-party talks grouping the two Koreas, the United States, China, Japan and Russia, but also indicated they discussed possible new approaches within the framework.

''I explained my ideas about that,'' he said without elaboration.

When asked about possible five-party talks excluding North Korea, Yabunaka said, ''For today, the idea was to basically place importance on the six-party talks.''

Wednesday's meeting was the 10th round of ''strategic dialogue'' between the two countries. The last talks were held in January in Japan.

(Distributed by Kyodo News on June 24, 2009)