Japanese-German film production begins shooting in Hiroshima

by Akemi Satoda, Staff Writer

On July 31, a joint Japanese-German film production based on memories of World War II, titled “AUGUST,” began shooting in downtown Hiroshima. Mieko Azuma, 31, a filmmaker who lives in Munich, is directing scenes of the movie in Hiroshima through August 11. She will film the events of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony as well.

“AUGUST” features a German novelist, a woman, visiting Hiroshima for several days and will interweave fictional segments with documentary footage. On July 31, a scene in which the lead actress listened to the account of an atomic bomb survivor was shot at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

“Even now, it’s not uncommon for Germans to think of Hiroshima as a city still in ruins,” Ms. Azuma said. “I want to convey Hiroshima today as well as in the past, and Germany, through the main character’s many encounters.”

The film is slated to be released in Europe and other areas next year.

(Originally published on August 1, 2009)