World Conferences Against A & H Bombs close in Hiroshima, shift to Nagasaki

by Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer

The parallel World Conferences Against A & H Bombs concluded their meetings in Hiroshima on August 6. One world conference was organized by the Japan Congress Against A- and H- Bombs and its affiliated organizations, while the other world conference was organized by the Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and its affiliated organizations.

At both conferences, a succession of participants voiced their determination to make next spring’s Review Conference for the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) a success, and expressed their delight at the resolution of the class action lawsuits over A-bomb disease certification.

Roughly 700 people participated in the closing meeting organized by the Japan Congress at Aster Plaza in downtown Hiroshima. Koichi Kawano, chairman of the organization, addressed the gathering, saying, “The momentum for eliminating nuclear weapons has been growing to an unprecedented degree. We must help fuel this momentum for the NPT Review Conference.”

High school students who took part in related events shared their commitment by declaring, “We will help realize a world free from wars and nuclear weapons.”

The Japan Congress adopted a statement urging the Japanese government to maintain the three non-nuclear principles and review its nuclear energy policy.

Meanwhile, the other world conference organized by the Japan Council was held at Hiroshima Green Arena with 2,000 people in attendance. One participant delivered the signatures of the mayors of 165 municipalities throughout Japan, supporters of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Protocol, to Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba. The protocol is aiming at the elimination of nuclear weapons by the year 2020. The signatures were collected when the council organized their “Citizens Peace March” between Tokyo and Hiroshima and along other routes.

Kunikazu Noguchi, representative for the Conference Executive Committee, referred to the class action lawsuits over A-bomb disease certification, and said, “We must seek the future review of the certification criteria.”

The Japan Congress and the Japan Council will move the venue for their conferences to Nagasaki City starting August 7.

(Originally published on August 7, 2009)

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