Obama to host U.N. summit on nuclear issues next month

U.S. President Barack Obama will host a special U.N. summit on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation Sept. 24 in New York, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said Wednesday.

The gathering at the U.N. Security Council, timed to coincide with the new session of the U.N. General Assembly, is expected to demonstrate Obama's avowed commitment to a nuclear-free world.

It is also likely to adopt a resolution calling for the promotion of nuclear disarmament and give momentum to the success in a review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in New York next year.

Obama is scheduled to debut at the United Nations on Sept. 22, when a U.N.-sponsored summit on climate change will take place. He is due to address the U.N. General Assembly the next day.

(Distributed by Kyodo News on August 5, 2009)