NGOs express disappointment in ICNND outcomes

by Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer

On November 6, a group which included members of NGOs that have taken part as civilian representatives in discussions with the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND) released a statement on the fourth meeting of the ICNND held in Hiroshima in October. It called the comments made by the ICNND co-chairs, in outlining the results of the meeting, "a great disappointment."

The statement was signed by ten people including Haruko Moritaki, co-chair of the ICNND Japan NGO Network, and Tilman Ruff, NGO advisor to the ICNND co-chairs, who have provided proposals to the ICNND. In the statement, they fear that the Commission's final report, now being compiled by the ICNND and expected to avoid proposing a target date for eliminating nuclear weapons, "will be used as justification for those who aim for a world with fewer rather than no nuclear weapons."

It went on to express "major disappointment" over the Commission's lack of engagement on a Nuclear Weapons Convention and for not recommending the early adoption of a "no first use" policy for nuclear weapons.

The statement was sent to Yoriko Kawaguchi and Gareth Evans, ICNND co-chairs, as well as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Australia, which serve as secretariats for the Commission.

(Originally published on November 7, 2009)

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