Tamiki Hara remembered in recital commemorating his birthday

by Kazunobu Ito, Staff Writer

On November 15, the birthday of Tamiki Hara (1905-1951), a commemorative recital was held by "Hiroshima Kagenki no Kai," a group that studies the work of Mr. Tamiki, at the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace in Naka Ward, Hiroshima. Mr. Tamiki is a native of Hiroshima and the well-known writer who authored the novel Summer Flowers.

A moment of silence was offered to Mr. Tamiki, the victims of the atomic bombing, and Yoshikatsu Ando, the group's leader who recently passed away. To the accompaniment of Asaka Shirai playing the French cithara, Yoshiko Fujino, former anchor for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), read from Mr. Tamiki's work.

The cithara is an ancient musical instrument resembling the lyre, and used to accompany hymns sung at monasteries in southern France. The instrument's clear tones blended beautifully with the literary pieces "Requiem," "After the Apocalypse" and "Elegy," creating an atmosphere of prayer for the audience of about 150.

(Originally published on November 16, 2009)

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