Committee to review exhibits at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum approves proposed draft

by Yuki Kuwata, Staff Writer

On November 18, a committee commissioned by the City of Hiroshima to review the exhibits at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum approved a proposed draft of a renovation plan. According to the plan, materials that convey the reality of the atomic bombing will be displayed in the first part of the route so that visitors can grasp the destructive power and inhumanity of the atomic bomb even within a limited amount of time. The city will seek opinions from Hiroshima citizens and complete the final plan in February of next year.

The draft plan suggests that an escalator from the first floor to the third floor be newly built in the east wing and the route to tour the museum would then begin on the third floor. Visitors would observe introductory exhibits, including photographs, footage and replicas concerning the atomic bombing, then move to the main exhibition in the main building to see A-bomb artifacts and photographs depicting how the city and residents were affected by the bombing. Afterwards, visitors would return to the east wing and learn about the process of reconstruction and efforts for peace on the second floor.

A space in the main building where visitors can compose themselves after absorbing the reality of the atomic bombing has also been suggested. There would also be a space in the east wing where visitors can talk about their impressions as well as write letters and send email.

At the meeting of the committee on November 18, such opinions as "It is important to secure sufficient space for bringing people into the introductory exhibits" and "The museum should convey the reality of foreign nationals who were also victims and survivors" were presented. The City of Hiroshima will reflect on these ideas for the draft plan, reveal the plan at the museum's website on December 1, and seek further opinions from the public.

(Originally published on November 19, 2009)

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