Iranian doctors discuss poison gas treatment in Hiroshima

by Makoto Shiraishi, Staff Writer

Eight Iranian doctors who specialize in treating poison gas victims of war visited the Tadanoumi Branch of Kure Kyosai Hospital in Takehara, a city in Hiroshima Prefecture. The doctors toured the branch facility and discussed the current situation regarding treatment for poison gas sufferers.

The branch is located on the opposite shore of Ohkunoshima Island where a poison gas factory of the defunct Japanese Army once stood. About 4,200 medical charts of the Ohkunoshima poison gas sufferers are stored at the facility. Yasuteru Inai, a professor at Hiroshima University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences who has been conducting pathological studies on the sufferers, organized the visit.

At the branch, the Iranian doctors exchanged views with Naoki Morita, branch director, while explaining that about 50,000 people are still suffering from the poison gas damage wrought by the Iran-Iraq War. They also suggested that the Tadanoumi Branch and Sasan Hospital in Teheran where many victims receive treatment could establish sister hospital relations.

Rasoul Aliannejadi, 41, a pulmonologist, was impressed with the facility, saying, "Even in a small town, there is a high-level hospital which provides good care."

On November 25, the delegation will visit the Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital and the Hiroshima University Hospital and learn useful techniques for treating poison gas sufferers. After holding a presentation meeting to share the experiences of their visit, they will leave Japan on November 28.

(Originally published on November 25, 2009)

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