U.S. foundation reacts positively to global peace plan at meeting with Hiroshima governor

by Aya Kano, Staff Writer (from Chicago)

On November 7, Hiroshima Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki met with Barry F. Lowenkron, vice president of the MacArthur Foundation, a leading charitable organization in the United States. In response to Mr. Yuzaki’s presentation of the prefecture’s a “Hiroshima for Global Peace” plan, Mr. Lowenkron took a positive tone toward future cooperation.

After the meeting, Mr. Lowenkron, a former U.S. assistant secretary of state and an expert on security affairs, commented: “I believe the plan adopts the correct approach toward peace building. I am interested to see how it develops.”

According to the prefecture, Mr. Lowenkron expressed a high opinion of the project during the meeting, saying that “the plan includes comprehensive steps with regard to the world’s nuclear affairs.” Mr. Yuzaki said, “Mr. Lowenkron showed strong interest in the project. I intend to continue working out the details of the plan.” He added that he hopes the foundation will lend their support to the effort.

The plan, which describes the role that Hiroshima can play in eliminating nuclear weapons and building peace in the world, seeks to establish a system which gathers personnel and research from around the world, as well as raise funds for the undertaking. It envisions obtaining donations from charitable organizations such as the MacArthur Foundation.

In 2010, the MacArthur Foundation gave grants totaling 230 million dollars to the projects and research of 497 individuals and organizations.

(Originally published on November 9, 2011)