Peace Watch Tower reset to protest North Korea’s third nuclear test

by Aya Kano, Staff Writer

Following North Korea’s third underground nuclear test, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reset the “Peace Watch Tower” on February 12. This clock displays the number of days since the world’s last nuclear test. The number on the clock was reset from 69 to 0.

Noriyuki Masuda, deputy director of the museum, changed the number on the digital display of the watch tower, which stands in the lobby of the museum’s East Building. Mr. Masuda commented, “By holding nuclear arms, North Korea is trying to assert its strength and raise anxiety among the international community. Their attitude not only angers me, it saddens me.”

The clock was reset for the first time since December 7, 2012, when it was learned that the United States had conducted a subcritical nuclear test, the fourth such test under the administration of President Barack Obama. This is the 18th time the clock has been reset since it was installed in the museum in August 2001.

(Originally published on February 13, 2013)