Hiroshima mayor will attend preparatory meeting of NPT

by Michiko Tanaka, Staff Writer

On April 10, Kazumi Matsui, mayor of Hiroshima, announced that he will attend the Second Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. The gathering will open in Geneva, Switzerland on April 22. “The inhumane aspect of nuclear weapons will be the focal point of the discussions,” Mr. Matsui said. “As mayor of Hiroshima, I would like to convey the thoughts of the A-bombed city.”

An official of the City of Hiroshima said that Mr. Matsui is expected to be in Geneva from April 20 to 26. Yasuyoshi Komizo, who assumed the post of chairperson of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation on April 1, and formerly served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will accompany the mayor. On April 24, Mr. Matsui will speak in the capacity of president of Mayors for Peace at the NGO Session, an official function of the preparatory committee meetings. 

In addition, Mr. Matsui will have informal talks with the ambassadors of various nations and submit signatures and related documents urging the early realization of a Nuclear Weapons Convention to U.N. staff. The mayor will also hold meetings with representatives of Mayors for Peace during his time there.

Preparatory committee sessions have been held every year since 2012 for the 2015 NPT Review Conference. Mr. Matsui also attended the First Preparatory Committee meetings, held last year in Vienna, Austria. At the Second Preparatory Committee meetings, which will run until May 3, it is expected that the denuclearization of the Middle East and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions will be part of the agenda, among other issues.

(Originally published on April 11, 2013)