24 performers, including James Ingram, will join World Peace Concert this summer

by Kyoko Shinmoto, Staff Writer

On May 24, the Hiroshima prefectural government announced 24 performers who will appear at the World Peace Concert this summer in Hiroshima. The artists include Grammy Award-winning singers James Ingram, 61, and Patti Austin, 62, both American; Ryuichi Sakamoto, 61, a Japanese musician; and Sayuri Yoshinaga, 68, a Japanese actress.

James Ingram and Patti Austin will perform in the main concert to be held on August 3 at the Hiroshima Green Arena, located in the city center. Performing along with Quincy Jones, 80, a prominent American musician, they will sing songs in pop and jazz that have been hits worldwide.

In another concert, held at the Green Arena on August 2 with the theme “Prayer for Peace,” Sayuri Yoshinaga will recite poems on the atomic bombing to the piano accompaniment of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Under the banner “World Peace Concert,” eight concerts in all, ranging from pop to classical music, will be held between July 27 and August 5. With the latest announcement, a total of 33 artists and two orchestras from Japan and overseas have been tapped to appear. The final announcement confirming the lineup of performers will be made in early June, as negotiations with some artists continue.

The event is being organized by the planning committee for the Peace Arch Hiroshima Project, comprised of the Hiroshima prefectural government and other entities. A member of the committee said, “Some of the world’s best musicians will gather for this event. We would like to send a message of peace to the world which transcends genre, generation, and nationality.”

Tickets for the concerts will go on sale on June 2. For further information, contact the planning committee at 082-227-6234 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays).

(Originally published on May 25, 2013)