Nihon Hidankyo adopts resolution championing Article 9, discourages move to revise Constitution

by Junpei Fujimura, Staff Writer

The Japan Confederation of A- and H-bomb Sufferers Organizations (Nihon Hidankyo) held a regular general meeting on June 5 in Tokyo, adopting a special resolution opposing any change to Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution. The meeting closed after adopting the organization’s campaign policy for this fiscal year, which includes conducting more interviews of A-bomb survivors before the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing.

The resolution states that the A-bombed country has a solemn responsibility to bring out the best of Article 9, warning against the moves by the Liberal Democratic Party and its allies to revise the Constitution. The resolution emphasizes that Article 9, which stipulates that the nation renounces war and will maintain no offensive war potential, should be a source of pride and become the global norm in the 21st century.

In a press conference following the meeting, Terumi Tanaka, secretary general of Nihon Hidankyo, stated, “This is the first resolution that highlights the Constitution. Hibakusha are opposed to any move to revise the Constitution.”

The campaign policy consists of six major points in such fields as state compensation for A-bomb survivors and the abandoning of nuclear power plants. The organization will also focus on interviewing survivors and preserving A-bomb materials that prefectural chapters of Hidankyo have collected.

During the meeting, complaints were voiced about a Health Ministry’s commission, which has been reviewing the certification system for A-bomb diseases. Because the commission has failed to reach a conclusion even after 20 sessions, some expressed the opinion that the commission lacks a proper understanding of the seriousness of the circumstances of the elderly survivors.

(Originally published on June 6, 2013)