Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra to name Martha Argerich “Peace and Music Ambassador”

by Taiki Yomura, Staff Writer

The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra will appoint Martha Argerich, a world-renowned pianist who jointly performed with the orchestra in Hiroshima and Tokyo this summer, “Peace and Music Ambassador of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra.” The orchestra and Ms. Argerich share the same philosophy of pursuing their activities in music to advance peace in the world, and this kinship led to the new arrangement. Ms. Argerich will soon be given a letter of appointment from the orchestra.

The orchestra and Ms. Argerich performed together for the first time at “An Evening of Peace Concert 2015” held in Hiroshima and Tokyo this past August. Their performance of Beethoven’s “Piano Concerto No. 1” moved about 3,800 audience members.

With her strong conviction that the love imbued in music will weaken people’s desire to harm others, Ms. Argerich has been performing under the idea of “music against crime.” She empathizes with the orchestra’s mission of “music for peace.”

After the concerts earlier this year, orchestra staff proposed the idea of continuing ties with Ms. Argerich in the future. She then readily agreed to serve as Peace and Music Ambassador of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra. Starting next year, her name will be included in the orchestra’s regular concert programs and other publications. A staff member of the orchestra expressed delight with Ms. Argerich’s appointment, saying, “This will enable us to communicate, more strongly, our wish for a peaceful world through music.”

(Originally published on December 3, 2015)