Prime minister says Japan-India nuclear agreement is “consistent” with Japan’s position on nuclear disarmament

by Osamu Kido, Staff Writer

On December 14, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke in Tokyo and explained that Japan has essentially concluded its nuclear agreement with India, a non-member nation of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT). The deal will enable Japan to export its nuclear power plant technology to India. Mr. Abe said, “In practical terms, this agreement will lead to India’s participation in the international nuclear non-proliferation framework, which is consistent with Japan’s position of pursuing a world free of nuclear weapons.”

Concluding the nuclear agreement with India is virtually akin to Japan accepting the possession of nuclear arms by non-NPT member nations. The citizens of the two A-bombed cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, have voiced criticism of the deal, arguing that it could undermine the NPT framework. Mr. Abe emphasized that Japan would end its cooperation with India if India conducts a nuclear test.

(Originally published on December 15, 2015)