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Hiroshima City Council unanimously supports preservation of A-bomb Dome

On July 11, the plenary session of the Hiroshima City Council unanimously passed a resolution to preserve the A-bomb Dome. The resolution declares that preserving the A-bomb Dome in its current state and handing it down to the generations that follow is the City Council’s duty to the more than 200,000 victims of the atomic bombing as well as to those around the world who wish for peace. It goes on to say that the best possible measures must be adopted for these preservation efforts.

Last year, the Hiroshima city government spent one million yen to commission the architecture laboratory of the Department of Engineering at Hiroshima University to explore ways of preserving the A-bomb Dome. The report submitted by the survey team said that the dome could be preserved by using a special adhesive and that the cost would be around 40 million yen.

(Originally published on July 12, 1966)