Hiroshima Peace Media Center website is redesigned to help readers learn more about Hiroshima

The website of the Hiroshima Peace Media Center, which is a division of the Chugoku Shimbun, has been redesigned to mark the 10th anniversary of its founding. Relaunched on August 1, the website now has improved functions for both personal computers and smartphones thanks to support from the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation. In addition to providing news on the atomic bombing and peace in five languages, the website is making use of new methods to convey information.

Newly added to the site is the section “Learn About Hiroshima,” with contents that can be used for peace studies by local youth and students visiting Hiroshima on school trips. Clear explanations are provided on high-interest topics such as the Atomic Bomb Dome, which is a World Heritage site, and the Children’s Peace Monument. Related articles are also available.

In another new section, visitors to the site can view films on the theme of peace that have been provided by filmmakers and schools. The website has also incorporated Instagram, a photo-sharing application, making more images of the Peace Memorial Park and other scenes of Hiroshima available to readers.

(Originally published on August 1, 2018)