Hirosahima Nagasaki ZERO PROJECT

Fundraising campaign begins for October 29 event of Hiroshima Nagasaki ZERO Project

A crowdfunding campaign has begun for an event named the “Hiroshima Nagasaki ZERO Project,” an initiative seeking to send out messages of peace from the A-bombed cities. With support from the Hiroshima International Culture Foundation, the event is scheduled to take place on October 29 in Naka Ward, Hiroshima.

Taku Nishimae, 55, a U.S.-based filmmaker and the co-head of “1Future,” the U.S. non-profit organization spearheading the project, and others are calling for financial support through October 25. The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is 1.3 million yen, with contributions ranging from 3,000 yen to 500,000 yen.

On the day of the event, activities that include creating artwork, engaging in dialogue, and staging a live concert are planned under such themes as nuclear weapons, the environment, and human rights.

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(Originally published on September 25, 2017)