Live Cam 映像配信中



This photo was taken from the West Branch of the Hiroshima Central Telephone Office looking east. The A-Bomb Dome and Honkawa National School (now Honkawa Elementary School) can be seen in the background in the center.

Jul. 28, 2014
Peace Memorial Museum acquires 1,761 photos: Shots taken by U.S. military after A-bombing
Jul. 28, 2014
French student makes materials about Hiroshima in French, guides visitors around A-bomb Dome
Jul. 25, 2014
Citizens light candles in front of A-bomb Dome to protest attacks on Gaza
Jul. 25, 2014
Postcard from A-bomb victim is donated by son to Hiroshima peace museum
Jul. 24, 2014
Winner of Hiroshima Art Prize, Doris Salcedo, feels humbled by Hiroshima