Jun. 27, 2008
Popular comic strip story conveys the strength of Hiroshima
Jun. 26, 2008
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers to share Hiroshima overseas
Jun. 25, 2008
Flyer from children that appealed for support to build the Children’s Peace Monument
Jun. 24, 2008
Former director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum speaks about his experience of the A-bomb
Jun. 23, 2008
Daughter of late nuclear physicist promotes the peaceful spirit of Article 9
Jun. 20, 2008
Revised law enables A-bomb survivors abroad to apply for official recognition from outside Japan
Jun. 20, 2008
High school students learn how to convey Hiroshima’s experience in English
Jun. 19, 2008
40% of A-bomb survivors in Brazil go untreated
Jun. 18, 2008
HICARE builds a networking system to support A-bomb survivors in Brazil
Jun. 17, 2008
High school students complete 16 paintings based on A-bomb testimonies
Jun. 11, 2008
First visit to Hiroshima by a Prime Minister from Australia
Jun. 5, 2008
Seedlings from A-bombed cherry tree to blossom nationwide
Jun. 3, 2008
Explanation panels for the Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims to be offered in 8 languages for the G-8 Speakers Summit