Oct. 31, 2008
Junior high school students perform an A-bomb play in English
Oct. 30, 2008
Petition appeals for nuclear abolition, eyeing 2010 NPT conference
Oct. 30, 2008
A-bomb survivor shares her experience with diplomats
Oct. 29, 2008
Artist uses black fireworks to console A-bomb victims
Oct. 29, 2008
Students from U.K. shed tears over A-bomb survivor’s testimony
Oct. 29, 2008
“Pika” in the sky, a controversial work of art
Oct. 28, 2008
Japanese doctors give health checkups to A-bomb survivors in South America
Oct. 28, 2008
People reflect on peace during “Sadako Walk”
Oct. 27, 2008
Paper cranes folded by children in Indonesia offered to Children’s Peace Monument
Oct. 26, 2008
Delegation of the People’s Liberation Army visits Hiroshima
Oct. 23, 2008
Hiroshima Art Prize awarded to Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang
Oct. 23, 2008
Former neighborhood near hypocenter to be restored through computer animation
Oct. 22, 2008
Mayor of Tehran visits Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Oct. 21, 2008
Students deliver 26,000 anti-nuclear signatures to Hiroshima mayor
Oct. 20, 2008
Documentary on the A-bomb Dome restored after 43 years
Oct. 19, 2008
Two members of an A-bomb survivors group share their stories in the U.S.
Oct. 17, 2008
Exhibition of photos by actress who starred in “Hiroshima, Mon Amour”
Oct. 16, 2008
Exhibition on A-bomb Dome and Daigo Fukuryu Maru now being held
Oct. 15, 2008
Peace clock logs record number of days since the world’s last nuclear test
Oct. 14, 2008
Hiroshima Jogakuin University opens collection of poet Sadako Kurihara
Oct. 13, 2008
A-bomb exhibition opens in Iraq on October 9
Oct. 9, 2008
Lawsuit against the Japanese government filed by A-bomb survivors in the U.S. and Brazil
Oct. 8, 2008
International Conference of Museums for Peace held in Kyoto and Hiroshima
Oct. 8, 2008
Illustrations of Hiroshima’s hypocenter surface in U.S.
Oct. 7, 2008
Dolls sent to France with prayer for peace
Oct. 7, 2008
A-bomb survivor reports on A-bomb exhibitions in U.S.
Oct. 2, 2008
University students probe significance of Hiroshima-Nagasaki Protocol