Sep. 25, 2017
Visitors to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reach 70 million, 62 years after its opening
Sep. 22, 2017
Junko Morimoto, A-bomb survivor and picture book author, dies at 85
Sep. 22, 2017
Hiroshima Peace Museum examines holding A-bomb exhibition at Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor in 2020
Sep. 21, 2017
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 48)
Sep. 21, 2017
Hopes for a possible visit to Hiroshima by the Pope increase after cardinal tours Peace Memorial Museum
Sep. 21, 2017
Over 50 nations sign nuclear weapons ban treaty on first day of signatures
Sep. 21, 2017
A-bomb survivors call for Japanese government to sign nuclear weapons ban treaty at gatherings in Hiroshima and Tokyo
Sep. 18, 2017
Challenge made by Marshall Islands sets example for nuclear abolition efforts
Sep. 17, 2017
Nuclear weapons ban treaty opens for signatures on September 20, with hope that 50 nations will ratify on first day
Sep. 8, 2017
Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine to conduct radiation measurements and research with Russian institute
Sep. 5, 2017
Hiroshima mourns the passing of Nagasaki A-bomb survivor
Sep. 4, 2017
Peace Watch Tower reset to protest North Korea’s sixth nuclear test