Apr. 30, 2020
Peace Boat holds online meeting to continue nuclear-abolition discussion, calls for collaboration in face of NPT review conference postponement
Apr. 28, 2020
Mayors for Peace issues joint appeal imploring NPT signatories to engage in constructive dialogue until next review conference
Apr. 25, 2020
Mayors for Peace decides to postpone its general assembly in Hiroshima
Apr. 24, 2020
In first year since renovations, Peace Memorial Museum marks 15-percent increase in visitor number—before temporary closure—due to popularity of authentic artifact exhibits
Apr. 20, 2020
Panels at Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum convey A-bomb experience of only survivor of atomic bombing in school at time of bombing
Apr. 18, 2020
A-bombed piano to be exhibited permanently in Peace Park’s Rest House after building is reopened
Apr. 10, 2020
With coronavirus outbreak, Hiroshima City considers scaling down Peace Memorial Ceremony
Apr. 8, 2020
Peace Museum visitors reach record 1.75 million in 2019 despite one-month closure due to coronavirus, demonstrating building-renovation, other effects
Apr. 7, 2020
Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall registers photograph of Hiroko Kajiyama, inspiration for A-bomb Dome preservation movement
Apr. 6, 2020
Striving to fill voids in Hiroshima 75 years after the atomic bombing—RIBM to digitize degraded A-bomb victim samples returned from U.S. military
Apr. 6, 2020
Peace Memorial Park Rest House undergoing final renovations for recreation of pre-A-bombing appearance before July reopen
Apr. 2, 2020
Over 500 A-bomb testimony events cancelled, postponed in Hiroshima due to drop in school trip numbers amid novel coronavirus pandemic