Staff members of Peace Memorial Museum remove dust from A-bomb artifacts, including belongings left behind by victims. On July 16, after the museum closed, they opened the display cases for the first time in a year to prepare for August 6, the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing. This effort is an annual event in summer, but this is the first time that the media was invited to view the work. (Photo by Hiroshi Fukui)

Jul. 23, 2014
A-bomb artifacts are cleaned at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Jul. 23, 2014
Japan to send government delegation to international conference on nuclear weapons in Vienna in December
Jul. 23, 2014
Representatives of 71 nations and EU to attend Peace Memorial Ceremony on A-bomb anniversary
Jul. 18, 2014
Hiroshima mayor will not mention right to collective self-defense in Peace Declaration on August 6
Jul. 17, 2014
Doris Salcedo, winner of the Hiroshima Art Prize, visits Japan