Jul. 31, 2008
Average age of A-bomb survivors now exceeds 75
Jul. 30, 2008
Historian publishes book about American A-bomb victims
Jul. 30, 2008
A record 55 nations to be represented at this year’s Peace Memorial Ceremony
Jul. 29, 2008
Surge in applications for the certification of A-bomb diseases creates screening backlog
Jul. 29, 2008
Interaction between visitors and A-bomb survivors promoted at cafe
Jul. 28, 2008
Picture book commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Children’s Peace Monument
Jul. 25, 2008
Sadako’s brother shares her wish for peace with school teachers from the U.S.
Jul. 25, 2008
Footage of Hondori Avenue, before and after the atomic bombing, is found
Jul. 24, 2008
Voices of A-bomb survivors on the Internet
Jul. 23, 2008
A-bomb survivor Itsuki Munakata to play taiko drum for peace in the U.S.
Jul. 16, 2008
A-bomb survivor Shozo Hirai shares his experience of the bombing in English
Jul. 14, 2008
Free campsite available for August 6 at Hiroshima City University
Jul. 11, 2008
Tokyo photographer releases photo collection of A-bombed trees
Jul. 11, 2008
Symphony composed by a second-generation A-bomb survivor to be performed for G8 Speakers
Jul. 10, 2008
Photographs of clothing worn by A-bomb victims featured in Miyako Ishiuchi exhibition
Jul. 9, 2008
Peace Boat invites 100 A-bomb survivors to convey their voices to the world
Jul. 8, 2008
A-bomb exhibition opens alongside G8 Summit in Hokkaido
Jul. 7, 2008
Italian Foreign Minister expresses hopes for Speakers Summit in Hiroshima
Jul. 4, 2008
Poet Arthur Binard speaks on true patriotism and national defense
Jul. 3, 2008
Lawmakers seek to attract more international organizations to Hiroshima
Jul. 2, 2008
“Shadow pictures” created by Hiroshima residents depict the city after the atomic bombing
Jul. 1, 2008
Networking system to support A-bomb survivors in Brazil is launched