Jul. 31, 2017
Younger sister of former President Obama pays first visit to Hiroshima
Jul. 31, 2017
Two former residents of lost Nakajima district, where Peace Memorial Park now lies, share their memories
Jul. 28, 2017
Director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to visit six museums in U.S., propose A-bomb exhibitions
Jul. 28, 2017
Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall makes available 11,000 A-bomb accounts
Jul. 27, 2017
Peace Memorial Museum’s new exhibition plan approved for reopening in July 2018
Jul. 23, 2017
Survey reveals future of nation’s organizations of A-bomb survivors
Jul. 22, 2017
Materials behind book on Hiroshima A-bombing to be published by researchers
Jul. 21, 2017
Former director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum speaks at elementary school, his alma mater
Jul. 20, 2017
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 46) 
Jul. 14, 2017
The full text of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty
Jul. 9, 2017
People in Hiroshima gather in front of A-bomb Dome to welcome adoption of U.N. treaty outlawing nuclear arms
Jul. 9, 2017
[The Key to a World without Nuclear Weapons]: The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty was adopted amid the global movement toward a nuclear-weapons-free world, but the Japanese government will not sign up to the treaty
Jul. 9, 2017
Commentary: Support the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty and make it the first step to a world free of nuclear weapons
Jul. 9, 2017
A-bomb survivors renew determination for nuclear abolition after U.N. adopts nuclear ban treaty
Jul. 5, 2017
Ground surface from time of atomic bombing is exhibited at Hiroshima museum