Jul. 27, 2022
Student questions mushroom cloud school logo, inspires Hiroshima hibakusha, Goto, to begin telling A-bomb experience
Jul. 27, 2022
Hiroshima Prefectural Government and the organization composed of public and private sectors send personnel to international meetings, trying to incorporate nuclear abolition into U.N. post-SDGs goals
Jul. 26, 2022
RERF to analyze effects of A-bombing on health of second-generation survivors by utilizing health-exam data collected since 2010
Jul. 26, 2022
Hiroshima Prefecture releases to the media army uniforms and photo donated by citizens related to Army Clothing Depot which clearly reflect work done there
Jul. 23, 2022
Interview with Minoru Terada, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister
Jul. 22, 2022
2023 Hiroshima Summit: Prefectural council established to support holding summit meeting through public-private partnership under “All Hiroshima” campaign initiative
Jul. 22, 2022
Prior to NPT Review Conference, NGO Network for Nuclear Weapons Abolition urges government to advance nuclear disarmament
Jul. 18, 2022
Japanese professor from Hiroshima tries to spread peace education in the U.S. by creating curriculum focusing on the A-bombings and nuclear issues
Jul. 18, 2022
Striving to fill voids in Hiroshima—Copies of list of 814 identified remains stored in Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound posted, information from throughout Japan awaited
Jul. 16, 2022
Kashiwa Sato designs “Hiroshima Appeals” poster, featuring ray of hope for future
Jul. 16, 2022
Striving to fill voids in Hiroshima, evidence of victims remains—Hideo Takemoto, young boy in film and resident of Kure City, shares account of A-bomb experience for first time
Jul. 14, 2022
Striving to fill voids in Hiroshima, evidence of victims remains—40 items including manuscript and notes of Hagie Ota, physician who provided aid starting on day of A-bombing, donated to Hiroshima University Archives
Jul. 12, 2022
A-bomb victim’s certificate held by Kazuzo Tagashira, A-bomb survivor and rose breeder, delivered and to be exhibited at ICAN’s headquarters
Jul. 4, 2022
“Peace intern” Clarisse Torregrossa, French graduate student, accompanies reporters on their beats, translates articles at Chugoku Shimbun
Jul. 2, 2022
Number of A-bomb Survivor’s Certificate holders falls below 120,000, with average age now 84.53 years, according to Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare data
Jul. 1, 2022
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to attend August 6 Peace Ceremony—the first Secretary-General visit in 12 years