Mar. 30, 2024
Hiroshima audience of movie “Oppenheimer” say, “The movie will boost interests in the A-bombed city of Hiroshima,” “I wish devastation caused by the atomic bombings were depicted in the movie”
Mar. 30, 2024
Through Diet members, Kakuwaka Hiroshima group calls for Japan’s participation in August discussions on support for nuclear victims
Mar. 29, 2024
Ahead of training in Hawaii, Hiroshima Jogakuin High School students learn from superintendent about history of Pearl Harbor National Memorial
Mar. 28, 2024
Yoshifumi Ishida becomes director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Mar. 28, 2024
UNITAR Hiroshima office relocated to south of Peace Memorial Park—holds opening ceremony
Mar. 25, 2024
Kikuraku, staff member of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum who organized 34 library exhibits in way that resonated with people, retires
Mar. 25, 2024
Hiroshima Christ Church Convention releases statement calling for immediate halt to Gaza attacks, conveying wish for peace from A-bombed city
Mar. 22, 2024
Ukrainian students, translators for audio guides, make first visit to Peace Memorial Museum having evacuated amid Russian invasion
Mar. 22, 2024
Central Library relocation costs continue to climb, up 3.5 billion yen from Hiroshima’s initial plan, due to increased prices, unanticipated leasing fees
Mar. 16, 2024
Six organizations, including Hiroshima City government, to consider holding exhibit of A-bombing photos for registration with “Memory of the World”
Mar. 11, 2024
In Hiroshima, US Catholic pilgrimage group apologizes to six survivor organizations for A-bombing, asks for “dialogue toward reconciliation”
Mar. 8, 2024
Takayuki Soeda selected to be creator of this year’s Hiroshima Appeals poster
Mar. 6, 2024
Interview with Ukraine Ambassador to Japan: Proclaims 100% support for nuclear-free world, potential for breakthrough in war contingent on provision of weapons
Mar. 4, 2024
International Women’s Day 2024 — Young people from Kanto work on lectures, animated films for consideration of nuclear weapons from perspective of gender
Mar. 2, 2024
New parkway conveying pre-A-bombing prosperity completed in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park