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The Chugoku Shimbun Junior Writers Reporting

Junior writers consider Cambodia: Ways to lend support to the Cambodian people

The people of Cambodia suffered greatly during the civil wars which plagued that nation from the 1970s to the 1990s. These conflicts were complex and long-lasting, and included the ouster of Norodom S


Peace Movies


Directed, Created, Scripted and Narrated by Fauzia Minallah
Produced by ANT-Hiroshima
AMAI & SADAKO’S PRAYER has been selected as the 1st place winner in the Animation category in the 2018 MY HERO International Film Festival.


A-bomb Images

Landmarks of Hiroshima: Monument of the A-bombed Teachers and Students of National Elementary Schools
Landmarks of Hiroshima: A-bomb Monument of Hiroshima Municipal Girls’ High School
Landmarks of Hiroshima: The Statue of Mother and Child in the Storm
Landmarks of Hiroshima: Rest House
Landmarks of Hiroshima: Children’s Peace Monument