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The Chugoku Shimbun Junior Writers Reporting

Junior Writers Reporting: Amid coronavirus pandemic, Peace Memorial Ceremony is downsized, but prayers for consoling A-bomb victims are eternal

This year, the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings, Hiroshima reaches a milestone. It was once said that no grass or tree would grow in Hiroshima, but it has recovered and been reborn as a city of


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Directed, Created, Scripted and Narrated by Fauzia Minallah
Produced by ANT-Hiroshima
AMAI & SADAKO’S PRAYER has been selected as the 1st place winner in the Animation category in the 2018 MY HERO International Film Festival.


A-bomb Images

Special exhibition of Wakaji Matsumoto’s photos to be held at The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles in 2021
Landmarks of Hiroshima: Monument of the A-bombed Teachers and Students of National Elementary Schools
Landmarks of Hiroshima: A-bomb Monument of Hiroshima Municipal Girls’ High School
Landmarks of Hiroshima: The Statue of Mother and Child in the Storm
Landmarks of Hiroshima: Rest House