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Nov. 19, 2022
Hiroshima Summit 2023: Hiroshima Summit prefectural council solicits photos for mosaic art welcoming leaders of nations
Nov. 13, 2022
At ICAN Academy, young people make presentations and exchange ideas on abolition of nuclear weapons
Oct. 26, 2022
Hiroshima Summit 2023:First poster released to publicize summit
Oct. 14, 2022
Hiroshima Summit 2023: Students at Motomachi High School design logo for prefectural civic group to convey hopes for peace to world
Oct. 7, 2022
Hiroshima Summit 2023: NGO Network urges Foreign Ministry to reflect A-bomb survivor voices when determining G7 summit agenda
Sep. 30, 2022
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida says he did his best over past year, taking criticism of state funeral
Sep. 16, 2022
Fukuyama NPO publishes booklet describing survivor’s accounts about A-bombing experience in Japanese and German
Sep. 2, 2022
Hiroshima Summit 2023: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to add translations of its website in three other official G7 languages
Jul. 22, 2022
2023 Hiroshima Summit: Prefectural council established to support holding summit meeting through public-private partnership under “All Hiroshima” campaign initiative
Jun. 11, 2022
Kishida to attend NPT review conference as first Japan prime minister in history and declare on August 1 his resolve to achieve “world without nuclear weapons”
Jun. 4, 2022
Expectations and requests of Hiroshima as host of G7 summit: Gakuhito Ito, chair for MICE subcommittee of Hiroshima commercial revitalization review panel, hopes summit leads to more international conferences
Jun. 2, 2022
Expectations and requests of Hiroshima as host of G7 summit: Ryo Oshiba, director of Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University
Jun. 1, 2022
On decision to select Hiroshima as host of G7 summit: Hiroshima governor will ask national government to create forum for dialogue between leaders, A-bomb survivors
May 25, 2022
On decision to select Hiroshima as host of G7 summit: Leaders of ruling, opposition parties welcome result, make demands—One step toward world without nuclear weapons but “extended deterrence” problematic
May 24, 2022
Efforts by Hiroshima Prefecture, City, and Chamber of Commerce ultimately bear fruit as Hiroshima selected to host G7 summit
May 24, 2022
Special Feature: On decision to select Hiroshima as host of G7 summit, Part 1—Government’s views
May 24, 2022
G7 summit to be held next year in Hiroshima—Local organizations anticipate positive impacts on economy, tourism
May 24, 2022
Editorial: Hiroshima City selected as venue for G7 summit to deliberate ridding world of nuclear weapons
May 24, 2022
Commentary: Decision to select Hiroshima as host of next G7 summit will serve as good opportunity to move toward nuclear abolition and peace
May 24, 2022
Prime Minister Kishida announces that Hiroshima, in first for A-bombed city, will serve as host of next year’s G7 Summit
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