Apr. 27, 2011
Meeting in Hiroshima looks back at 25 years of support for the victims of Chernobyl
Apr. 22, 2011
Chernobyl sufferers send messages of encouragement and sympathy for victims of Fukushima nuclear accident
Apr. 21, 2011
Hiroshima University launches website for information about radiation effects and medical care of the radiation-exposed
Apr. 21, 2011
HICARE marks 20th anniversary of medical care for nuclear-affected sufferers
Apr. 20, 2011
“Children of the Atomic Bomb” to be screened in New York
Apr. 19, 2011
Volunteer conveys reality of the atomic bombing in U.S.
Apr. 19, 2011
Fukushima plant not to have meltdown if cooling continues: Edano
Apr. 19, 2011
Visitors to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum decline for the first time in six years
Apr. 16, 2011
Hiroshima-based NPO builds health care facility in Pakistan
Apr. 13, 2011
Japan Confederation of A- and H-bomb Sufferers Organizations proposes that the Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Law clearly stipulate state reparations and include a call for nuclear abolition
Apr. 12, 2011
Website “Hiroshima Archive” to feature 100 testimonies of A-bomb survivors
Apr. 8, 2011
Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba leaves office after serving 12 years
Apr. 7, 2011
New panel explains background of A-bomb Dome in Chinese and Korean
Apr. 6, 2011
Support and Ties in Face of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: Continuous provision of medical care is needed
Apr. 6, 2011
Support and Ties in Face of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: Interview with advisor for Fukushima Prefecture on radiation concerns
Apr. 5, 2011
Hiroshima Mayor Akiba to become “specially appointed professor” at Hiroshima University
Apr. 5, 2011
Support and Ties in Face of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: Making use of Hiroshima’s medical expertise involving treatment of radiation exposure
Apr. 1, 2011
Director of Hiroshima University’s Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine to be advisor on radiation for Fukushima Prefecture
Apr. 1, 2011
Association of doctors who are second-generation A-bomb survivors is established
Apr. 1, 2011
Hiroshima and Nagasaki junior high and high school students interact in pursuit of nuclear abolition