Dec. 29, 2016
Commentary: Prime minister’s speech at Pearl Harbor not convincing, no reference to remorse
Dec. 29, 2016
A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima call on Japan to lead negotiations for a nuclear ban treaty
Dec. 28, 2016
Second-generation Japanese-American hopes Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will acknowledge Japan’s mistakes and express regret
Dec. 26, 2016
Japanese-Americans in Hawaii faced suffering after Pearl Harbor attack
Dec. 24, 2016
Trump tweets U.S. should expand nuclear capability, stirring anger in Hiroshima
Dec. 21, 2016
Records of former Chugoku Shimbun reporter become book on Che Guevara’s 1959 visit to Hiroshima
Dec. 16, 2016
Animated film on Fukushima nuclear accident to be screened in France
Dec. 15, 2016
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 39)
Dec. 14, 2016
U.N. disarmament conference closes, concludes that easing tensions between U.S. and Russia is vital
Dec. 13, 2016
U.N. disarmament conference opens in Nagasaki to discuss nuclear ban treaty
Dec. 13, 2016
Hiroshima University and Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation conclude agreement to work together in peace efforts
Dec. 10, 2016
Nonpartisan lawmakers establish Peace Parliamentarian group in Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly
Dec. 7, 2016
American students visiting Hiroshima mayor say peace messages from Hiroshima encourage nuclear arms reduction
Dec. 6, 2016
A-bomb survivors to watch prime minister’s visit to Pearl Harbor closely
Dec. 4, 2016
Municipal assembly members meet in Okinawa, discuss how to ease Okinawa’s burden in hosting military bases
Dec. 3, 2016
Foreign official from Bolivia visits Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Dec. 2, 2016
Letter of thanks from U.S. President Obama arrives at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Dec. 2, 2016
Students from Japan and Russia exchange views at Hiroshima City University