Dec. 24, 2010
Hiroshima responds to U.S. ratification of New START treaty
Dec. 24, 2010
Artist asks U.S. ambassador to present President Obama with porcelain picture as gesture of peace
Dec. 22, 2010
Young cherry trees grown from trees planted by Nagasaki A-bomb survivor
Dec. 21, 2010
Children’s prize-winning art on display at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Dec. 19, 2010
Photo anthology “Living Hiroshima” depicts city’s devastation and recovery
Dec. 18, 2010
Vivid photos taken two years after atomic bombing
Dec. 17, 2010
Book by American and Japanese scholars refutes “A-bomb myth”
Dec. 16, 2010
English translation of memoir of Sadako is published
Dec. 15, 2010
Black Rain Council calls for expansion of black rain area
Dec. 14, 2010
40% of A-bomb survivors aged 65 or older need assistance or supervision
Dec. 13, 2010
Katsuya Okada meets with A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima
Dec. 10, 2010
RERF budget faces shortfall due to strong yen
Dec. 10, 2010
Afghan journalist speaks in Hiroshima about his nation’s plight
Dec. 9, 2010
14th anniversary for A-bomb Dome as World Heritage site
Dec. 8, 2010
American university students learn about the horrific consequences of the atomic bombing
Dec. 4, 2010
Group from South Korea visits Hiroshima to learn about emergency medical care for radiation sufferers
Dec. 3, 2010
New monument for A-bomb victims is unveiled in Okayama
Dec. 1, 2010
Prime minister of Bangladesh vows to act for nuclear abolition
Dec. 1, 2010
Effort to promote effective use of 130,000 A-bomb memoirs held by Peace Memorial Hall